Friends of the Earth Europe

  • (Novembre 2016)
  • gratuit,
  • mia chez

After a very successful first round of actions last summer, TTIP Game Over will once again take to the streets in Brussels during the 3rd, 4th and 5th of November. TTIP Game Over is a local platform inviting groups to join them in Brussels to participate in creative actions of civil disobedience to disrupt the negotiations of TTIP and CETA. This fall they will direct their actions towards the lobby groups and EU institutions that are the driving forces behind these undemocratic treaties.

Les Amis de la Terre Belgique, Climaxi and Friends of the Earth Europe would like to invite member groups to join us in Belgium for these actions. We are offering a training for international participants including a basic direct action training, a briefing on the legal situation in Belgium and support for planning your own actions. Additional activities may include a lobby tour and a FoE network discussion on civil disobedience. We are still looking for people that are able to come early to support practical preparations.

Training for international participants : 2nd November
Actions in Brussels : 3/4th November
TTIP GO ceremony : 5th November

TTIP Game Over will organise a head quarters , art space, shared meals and basic legal support. Throughout the week different trainings, skill-shares and open spaces will be offered. If you are interested to host something yourselves please indicate this in your email. We hope the head quarters can become a stimulating and inspiring place where everyone learns and shares on an equal footing.

For those of you coming from abroad we will try to organise some basic accommodation options (couch surfing etc). There is some funding available for travel reimbursement, especially for those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to join due to financial constraints. We encourage participants to travel in groups, for example in France and the UK there are already buses planned.

If you are interested to join this exciting activist experience please email Mia : mia chez Please indicate which FoE group you are active with, when you would arrive, if you would need travel reimbursement and if you would be able to support logistics/offer a training/open space session. We will follow up with you on next steps as soon as possible.

For more information on TTIP Game Over, the previous actions and action consensus, see or watch this video.